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Computer cable to Server Cabinets.

Sellntell is a leading distributor of network products, computer cable and server cabinets and racks. Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 cable and connectors of the highest quality that competes against all the others, without the high prices. We have supplied the biggest to the smallest. Fortune 500 companies and start ups. Having our own connectors and others gives you the installer the opportunity to get the best and save at the same time.

Thinking about running your network outside? Then you should check out what we have for those situations. All the types necessary for building to building runs and the racks to hook it up. Belden, SNTPepX and others. We have you covered.

Featured Items

This is an imageEnclosure Nema12 Cabinet, Glass Front Door + Fan Filtered Rear Door + 6 Outlet 15A power - PepXID-66

This is an imageWall Mounted rack Enclosure cabinet 9u 23 Inch Free Shipping - PepX PXID-89

This is an imageCat5e Jack 8 Position 8 Contact Gigabit RJ-45 568A/B SNTPepX PXID-226

This is an imageCat6 Jack 8 Position Gigabit RJ-45 Connector 568A/B Cat 6 jack or Category 6 SNTPepX PXID-228

This is an imageSwing Out equipment rack 84H x 18.5D 43U space saver-Pep-XM PXID-452

This is an imageCat5e 25 Pair Outdoor Direct Burial Cable GEL Filled 1000 Ft 4 Pair UTP - Pep-X PXID-1042

This is an imageEZ RJ45 Male Plugs crimp on Cat6 Bag of 100 for Cat6 cable termination PXID-1050

This is an imageCat6 5 Ft. Patch Cord cable Non-Plenum RJ45 Male to Male Plug Pep-X PXID-1102

This is an imageCat6 Bundled Cable Cat6e 4 x 4 550MHz Mult Cable 16 Pairs 500 Ft. PX-1302


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