Wholesale Cat 5 cable computer networking supply Sellntell
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Wholesale Cat 5 cable computer networking supply Sellntell

Computer networking supply at discount prices wholesale and retail.

25 Pair Connector
Jacks PepX Connector
Beanie Connector
Voice Phone
25 Pair
Panel Amphenol 25 Pair

able Products Since 1991.
ffers a quality line of Server rack enclosures computer cabinets, structured cable system products, cable, jacks, and hardware for home and office networking. Along with a complete line of gift shop items. Wholesale reseller opportunities available. Pepermint Highway Cabling System .



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  • Most orders ship same dayOvernight, 2 Day and 3 Day Air available. May not be available on some cable and cabinet orders.  

  • Faxed orders OK: Print out the Fax Sheet from site and fax it in. Site rules apply to fax orders or phone orders.

  • Phone orders Ok. (However, the site is easier.) Site rules apply.

  • Discount plus pricing where volume ordering is rewarded. Here you will find several pricing levels based on quantity. The more you buy the better the pricing.

  • Warehouses can ship from several locations in US. The call center is located in Manahawkin NJ.

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    If you have your own UPS or FEDEX account number in most cases when it ships from one of our warehouses we can use your number. You must call and email us with authorization to use it and the account number and name on and address of the account.

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  • Corporate Accounts for volume users credit terms based on qualifications. Email us with your request or go or click on TalktoUs. You must be registered on the site. Also see resellers. 

  • Shipment: Items usually shipped UPS ground or Fedex same day or shortly thereafter. A shipping price grid is available in your shopping cart. The shipping is estimated due to the heavier weight of cable and cabinets and their disproportionate pricing. Cable and cabinets will ship ground by default. Cabinets and larger heavy cable orders may go by trucker. It is difficult to try to price shipping for these items at time of order due to various size and weights and shipping methods. If you need to know the shipping prices on cabinets just email us or call us 1-888- Sel-N-Tel (1-888-735-6835) and we will give you an estimate.

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    f you are ordering cable to ship to CANADA and have your own shipping account with UPS or FEDX and want to use it instead then let us know ahead of time and we can arrange to use that for you.

  • St. Thomas and Virgin Islands - same as Canada above, AND
    can many locations can take UPS or FEDX.


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    Although most areas can be shipped to, they must be reachable by primarily UPS, FEDX or USPS other major shipping services. Your country must also be on the USA approved list for shipment. Orders outside of the USA have a $150.00 (US dollars) Minimum order depending on the items. Please email us with any questions and go a head and place the order on the site. You will be emailed with approx. shipping and handling costs before the order ships out of country.

  • Price Changes:  Prices are subject to change without notice however, if at the time of your order being active and not shipped yet, and price is higher then listed on the site, you will be notified first and allowed to cancel or proceed before we ship it out. There is a $25.00 minimum order on PepX items (not counting shipping).

  • Cable Installers: If you are a professional installer or consultant then check this out. Cable installers

  • Reseller Opportunities: If you ever wanted to be in your own business or resell then check this out. We can drop ship for you.


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QUESTION: Can't order from a particular page?
If you have trouble ordering from particular page please email us to let us know. We will try to correct the problems with the page and please include the browser you are using, Netscape or Microsoft IE etc.
Ordering problem email us by clicking here... 

QUESTION: What items do I Need? What do I need diagram? Find out what you need or find it fast by going here... Pepermint
You will find on site some easier ordering diagrams (as indicated in logo above) for different product lines along with some answers to questions. You can also find some definitions on the definitions page. Some interesting things can be learned there.

Sellntell PepX also has it's distinctive Home Networking cable which consists of several different flavors. One of which is 2-Cat 5e cables in the same casing with 2- RG6/Quad shielded cable, speaker cable and security cable. This is in demand by builders and Home Network installers all over. It surely simplifies the cable installation and the pulling of several cables to each room or entertainment center. This cable is 350MHz, beyond normal Cat 5e, and is enhanced cable.   

Server rack cabinets and enclosures are custom manufactured. They are the best in the industry and at discount prices. If you have special needs or a large roll out then email us.

Leviton Media Panels and Media Center - Most Leviton Manufacturing Voice and Data items are shipped factory direct to you from Leviton ground. Either from Tennesee or Nevada.

In most cases if Leviton has upgraded an item and our page still shows a picture of the older version with the same part number Leviton will ship the upgraded item and not the discontinued one.

If the price has increased upward you will be notified and allowed to cancel the order or continue with it with the modified pricing. Any Leviton returns back to stock get charged 27% return charge to you the customer, unless returned for exchange for a like or higher priced item with 5 days. There is no refund on shipping in either direction for any reason.

Shipping Address: You can enter shipping information that is different from the actual purchaser information. In many cases we will verify this by attempting to reach you by email, or phone. We will drop ship to your specified location on the order form. If you wish in the future or on new orders you can change the ship to information again. Our customers are repeat customers and our shipment is fast.

Factory direct when used on this site, means the items may come direct from the factory warehouse (such as  Leviton) to you or the factory distribution point or a 3rd party distribution center.

There is a minimum handling charge of $29.00 for Leviton orders under $150.00 that are not in stock. So try to combine your order for maximum shipping advantage.

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