Cat6 jack Cat 6 connector

Cat6 jack
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Cat6 jack PepX Cat6 jack Cat6e Jack Spinning

Cat6 jack Cat6e jack

Cat6 jack without the big price. This Cat6e jack fits many of the competitors jack ports. Now you can have the best of both worlds. You can pop this Cat6 jack into a blank patch panel and keep the cost down to where it should be. This high bandwidth gigabit transmission jack can take the place of those high priced ones and even fit into their wall plates and boxes and panels.

But why bother when you can use the SNTPepX panels and wall plates that do the same job and are budget priced.

SNTPX6 Cat6 Jacks will give performance and headroom. Available EZOneShot tool that works for these and other manufacture jacks for 1 shot termination. High performance, high bandwidth, versatile and flexible fits other manfufacturer ports. All this without that crazy stretch of a price. This jack is really on steroids.

Cat6 jack Cat6e jack


Cat 6 jack rj 45 Voice jack PepermintX

Available in all the popular colors.

Compare the Prices.

These Cat6 jacks 6e fit other manufacturer's wall plates such as the also fit Leviton but using the PepX wall plate and surface mount boxes is best way to go cost wise. 

Cat6 jack Cat6e jacks Test out to 550MHz even to 600MHz with proper cabling.

Cat6 PX6 Category 6 jacks and hardware.
If you are looking to cable a network or your home or office you may make the decision to install Cat6 jacks. You can buy those high priced jacks and think you are getting better quality or you can take advantage of your finding our products. The best in the business with the best best best prices.

Prices don't mean quality, great results display our quality. The low prices display cost effective results for you. It's not surprising if you've fallen for all that marketing hype but now it's time to wise up. You want the best you've found it right here.
  • High speed top quality Cat6 Cat6e...
  • Help keep your projects on budget...
  • Housing - ABS High-impact UL94V-0 Thermoplastic
  • Spring Wire - Bronze 6u Gold Over 100" Nickel
  • IDC Housing - Polycarbonate high-inpact UL94V-0 Black
  • IDC Contact - Phospher Bronze t=0.4mm, 200u" tin over 50u" Nickel
  • Contact Compatibility - 24 to 26 AWG Solid
  • Electrical - Insulation resistance 500M ohm
  • DC Current rating - 1.5 amps
  • DC Resistance - 0.1 ohm
  • Contact Resistance - 20 M ohm
  • Enclosure - Capx1 pcs Black

Budget.. budget.. Check this out, you can use these Cat6 jacks to connect all your network technology and wire up your computer network and be able to buy direct from a source that works to keep quality with budget in mind. By wiring your lan, hub, video theater or ethernet router with our SNT Pepermint wire and cable system components and jacks you can open up your bandwidth barrier and data management can be simple and cost effective. Resellers and installers everywhere have found the advantage.
  • Exceed current TIA/EIA Cat6 specification to support 1000 Base-T & Gigabit ethernet system applications.
  • Complying with TIA/EIA-568-B-2-1.
  • Available in both T568A & T568B universal wiring.

Pop In Patch Panels make it easy.

  • Combine these jacks with our pop in field configurable patch panel.
  • Easy easy to add and remove connections and lower your patch panel price.
  • Work with all Cat6 cable environments and are state of the art.
  • RJ-45 Female front with 110 Punch downs.
  • Can be mounted in Face Plate - Wall plate or in Field Terminated Patch Panel.

Upgrade your system to Cat6 at Cat5 prices today.

So, why pay more? The smart choice is yours.

Don't Forget the EZOneShot tool.

Sellntell Cable products PX6 and PX5e jacks are state of the art high quality. They also fit in many other manufacturers face plates, simple design keystone style.

  • OEM Relabeling available based on certain criteria.

Order with confidence you're getting one of the best...