Cat6a cable

Cat6a cable
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Cat6a cable for higher speed networks and more insulation against crosstalk. 

25 Pair Connector
Jacks PepX Connector
Beanie Connector
Voice Phone
25 Pair
Panel Amphenol 25 Pair
Cat6a cable Cat7Cat6a cable Cat7 cable bulk reels. This is a larger and heavier cable then Cat6 and Cat5e. Cat6a cable is also a higher through put cable. 600 MHz cable.

CAT6a Cat6e cable structured cable cat7

Cat6a 600 MHz Cable Specifications:

  • Cat 6A Augmented 600MHz verified to TIA/ EIA
    568-B-2.1 CMR UTP 4 Pairs, 23 AWG


Cat6a Feature & Benefits:

  • High-Performance Data Communications Cable

  • Suitable for 10GS High Speed Data Applications

  • Designed for Indoor Installations (CMR) Riser

  • Category-6A (Augmented) Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable

  • 4 pair - Easily Identified Color-Striped Pairs

  • 23 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors

  • Excellent Attenuation and Crosstalk Characteristics

  • UL/cUL or ETL listed

  • 1000' reel in a box

Cat6a Enhanced cable 600 MHz

Cat6 A Cable
10G Cable 4 Pair UTP NEW
Cat6A Cable 10G cable 4pair utp


A Little About Cat6A Cable.
Cat6 Augmented 600 MHz 23 AWG Cable

Cat6A is different from Cat6 and Cat5e. You should be aware of some of the handling installation precautions that may effect your installation. Cat6a is heavier then regular Cat6 and Cat5e, as much as 2 times the weight and about 50% larger OD. Placing the cable and supporting it can have implications that should be addressed. Such as laying it on top of other cables, put it to the bottom as you would other heavier cables. Keep in mind that the size makes it harder to bend and will have a larger bend radius. Multi cable runs in the same support tray should always have the weight considered and the crushing effect of weighted cables. Be cautioned on the spacing of supports and the capacity of J hooks and anchoring devices.

Overall Diam mm 8.0,
Weight 46.2lbs. 8Kg 1000 Ft Reel.



Cat 6 Shielded Cable Stp

110 Punch Tool

4 Pair Termination All at Once

Cat6a Jack

Cat6 Shielded STP Cable

Punch down tool

cable ties and fastenersCat 6 and Cat5 Network cable multi installation ez oneshot

Cat 6 jack connector


Punch tool 1690-001


Cat 6A Jack

Cat6 cable Shielded STP

Pep-X Punch down Impact tool with Blade. Blade is two sided and reversible. Punch and terminate 110.

Teminate SCPepX 90

Keystone jacks

(Cat5e Cat6)

High Performance Cat6A Jack



Some exerts on this page about Cat6a were taken from Leviton Bulletins

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