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Cat 6 Jacks RJ45 Cat6e RJ45 jack that sizzle.

Cat 6 Jacks RJ45 you can now  have a Cat6e jack RJ 45  Jack that is high quality and budgeted for your project with MAXIMUM PROFITS.  
Cat 6 jack rj 45 Voice jack PepermintX
Hey, there are plenty of inexpensive Cat 6 jacks out there. But do you really want them in your network?

When you need category 6 jack dependability and still want fantastic price breaks then check out this Cat6e jack. Comes in many different types of colors and fits all types of face plates.
You will be pleasantly surprised. cat6 jack spinning picture

This is what you've been looking for. A way to go to Category 6 enhanced, without the strangle on your networking budget and still have the quality you want. Priced right!
  Cat 6 jack rj 45 all in one ez oneshot termination tool

Pricing is fantastic by comparison.  
Although these jacks fit other manufacturer's wall plates such as LEVITON it is recommended that you use the SCPep-X wall plate and surface mount boxes. (Leviton surface boxes don't work and are more expensive.) Upgrade your system to Pep-X Category 6e and see the quality.

Now, did you know that Pepermint Hardware and the Pepermint Highway cabling system can be found in sites in every state in the USA and even in Hawaii and Purto Rico too... Do you know what the big guys put in their sites? Pepermint®, that's right.

Why not?      
Don't go back to the old method of pricing once you get used to our rewarding Discount plus program that rewards quantity purchasing. There's no reason to hesitate, this is a quality line.

What about the Cat 5e line of connectors?
You can even get Cat 5e at a fantastic pricing structure. And guess what they too fit in other manufacturers styled face plates (like Leviton).

What else?  You can get the patch panels at Category 5 prices and it's still Category 6e. From SNT/SCP Sellntell cable products..  Pop-In RJ45 with 110 IDC Punch downs 568B or A Terminations. 

If qualified you may even be able to become a reseller or even distributor and enjoy the best pricing all the time...  

Don't Pay for their Advertising.  There are only two choices pay a lot for a brand that has done a lot in marketing  and publishing their ads or skip the built in costs for this and go right to a great source. 

Quality is Visible.  You know that quality is there for the Pepermint Highway Cabling System  has been around longer then many have been in the business.

Keep Paying.  The standards have been laid down the products just simply comply. So don't waist your money on name dropping. Cat 5e or Cat 6e that's the standard and we have what we think should be your standard.


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