EZ RJ45 male plug for Cat 5

EZ RJ45 male plug for Cat 5 RJ11
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EZ RJ45 male plug for Cat 5

EZ RJ45 Male Plug for Cat 5 PepXEZ RJ45 Male plug for Cat 5 and Cat5e to Cat 6 used for fast plug connection just strip and insert cable in to EZ-RJ45 them crimp with special tool. EZ-RJ45 male plugs make connectors a little simpler. EZ RJ45 Jack can help cut down connection time.


EZ rj45 jacks plugs EZ RJ45 male plug for Cat3 to Cat5e cable pricingCat3 to Cat5e
EZ RJ45 male plug for Cat6 cable pricingFor Cat6
EZ RJ45 male plug shielded plugShielded Plug
The new patented EZ-RJ45 connector simplified twisted pair terminations by allowing the wires to be inserted through the connector and out the front. This allows the technician to easily verify the proper wiring order. Electrical performance of the termination is optimized by pulling the connector down over the cable jacket and seating it tightly in the rear of the connector. Reducing the distance between the wire twists and contacts improves performance. For standard RJ45 Male plugs click...
  • Simple one piece design.. no bars or liners.
  • EZ to verify wire sequence.
  • Reduces scrap, no wasted crimps.
  • Faster terminations.
  • More reliable, higher performance.
  • Compatible with most RJ-45 style crimp tools except for AMP.
  • Crimp with the patented EZ-RJ45 crimp tool for even faster more reliable terminations.
  • Use in Cat3, cat5, cat5e and anticipated Cat 6 compliant data networks category 3 to category 5 and category 5e and patch cords.


  • FCC Compliant. 50 Micor Inch Gold Plate.
  • UL Rated. Compatible with most existing crimp tools except AMP. 
  • Patented. 
  • Made in USA.

Tool For EZ-RJ45 Connector assembly
ez rj45 tool rj45 male plug RJ11 plugs
EZ RJ45 male plug female RJ45 plug EZ RJ45 male plug RJ11 RJ45 and Telephone Line Plug EZ RJ45 male plug patch panel





EZ-RJ45 Male Plug


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