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 Cat6 5 Ft patch cable
 Cat6 5 Ft patch cable

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Cat6 Patch Cord cable RJ45 5FT. USD 2.69 New
  • Non-Plenum cable
  • Fits into RJ45 Female jack or panel

Cat6 5 FT. Patch Cord cable Non-Plenum RJ45 Male to Male Plug PXID-1102

PATCH CORD 5 Ft.Long Cat6 550 MHz. High Speed Gigabit Cable. Comes with Boots. Male RJ45 plug terminated on each end. Non-Plenum cable.

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25 +$2.79Ea.
10 +$2.85Ea.
1 +$2.99Ea.
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PATCH Cable or PATCH Cords
Assembled with Cat 6 High Bandwidth 550MHZ cable.
Available in:

  • Blue, Gray, Red, Purple White
  • Other colors upon request.
These are the high band width Category 6 patch cords for Category 6 high speed networking. Category 6 is the enhanced system for networking. Put them together with the Pepermint Highway Cabling System(TM) Cat6 24 -Port Patch Panels or a 48 Port Pepemint Patch Panel to get your network to sizzle and at great prices. Category 6 4 pair UTP, Molded, booted, stranded, UL. Use for Category 6 Pepermint Highway Cabling Systems(TM) enhanced that just have to crank to the max...550Mhz. This is higher rated than Category 5 or Cat 5e or even plain Cat6. Male RJ45 plug on each end with plug boot covers. Verified Cat 6...

YES, in answer to so many who have asked.
You can also get a complete patch panel kit for Category 6 which includes the wire management brackets and the Hinged wall mounting bracket. Couple this with the patch cords and you have a small footprint system that is mounted on the wall in the equipment room or closet. Pepermint Highway Cabling Systems(TM) sizzle.
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