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 Cat6 Bundled 4 x 4 Multi Combined Cable Image
 Cat6 Bundled 4 x 4 Multi Combined Cable Image

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  • SCPPepX Multi cable Cat6 Total 16 pairs.
  • 4 x 4 Pair Cat6 550 MHz cable +
  • Non-Plenum PVC Bundled together ROHS
  • 500+- Ft.
  • Overall Outside Dia. Approx: 16.5mm or 0.6496 Inches
  • Weight Approx: 96 lbs.
  • Reel Dimension 22 x 22 x 15 in Inches.
  • Cat6 heavy weight place under lighter cable in trays.
  • FREE SHIPPING in continental USA one order to one location of 16 reels or more...

Cat6 Bundled Cable Cat6e 4 x 4 Mult Cable 16 Multi Pair 550 Mhz 500 Ft. PX-1302

Cat6 Bundled Cable 4 x 4 Cat6e Multi Pair Cable under one jacket BUNDLED. 16 Pairs. This easy pull SCPepX cable is bundled under one Black Outer jacket with 4 Different cables under it. One White Jacket, Blue Jacket, Red Jacket and Green jacket. Together for one pull installations. Capitalize on labor and inventory with multi bundled cable. Ships Ground - Shipping will be emailed to you before it ships based on your location and residential or commercial for your approval.
500 Ft.

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Cat6 4 Way Bundled Cable.
Bundled with 4 Cat6e cables together in 1 x 500 Ft. Reel, PVC Non-Plenum.
The Ultimate Innovative Simplicity of it all is shown by the creative needs of the installers. Run it once and have 4 of them.
  • Simple is not New:  With Labor at a premium you need innovative designs that provide easy installation and labor savings. 
  • Time is Money: When you work in budgeted project where labor is at a premium you need to save on installs. This can do it...
  • So How Many Pairs is That? Why have just 4 pairs instead have 16 pairs of cable. Now you can cable for all your needs at onece.
  • Cable Management:  Because of the separate outer jacket colors, it is easier to take control of which cable is for what devices.
  • Equipment mounting:  Cat6 cable is heavier then Cat5e so mounting considerations should be taken.
  • ROHS Compliant:  New global standards this is made to be ROHS compliance. 
  • Cable for Future Needs:  You don't know what will be changing tomorrow. More capacity, more speed, more dependability. So if your going to pull cable then cable for those future needs with Cat6 cable.
  • Shipping Choices: - If you wish to use your own UPS or FEDEX account then you must email to us your authorization, name and account number to do so.

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