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 Server Door Combo Lock with Key Over ride Image
 Server Door Combo Lock with Key Over ride Image

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  • Comes with Key
  • You may have to fix the opening in your door if not using a PepXM cabinet.
  • See attached pdf file size layout

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Lock for Server Rack Door Combination lock with Key Overide System PXID-1399

Lock for Server Cabinet with Key and Combination Lock. This unit has both a key and a combination lock. Fits many different style cabinets if you have the right size cut out in your door. Special order Multiple locks can be keyed a like, you must notify us a head of time to key them a like. Fits various types of cabinets and even lockers. Now you can have all your server doors with combination or combo lock and you can have the key that over rides the door so you can open it.

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Combination Lock with Key Override for Server Cabinets and more.
Server Lock front and rear view.

The bottom of the handle where the key inserts has a round swivel bezel. When you enter the correct combination you can swivel it to unlock and open the lock. When the combo is scrambled to prevent entry you can open the lock by using the Overriding Key. Even when the lock swivel is in lock position.

The best of two locks. This allows you to used either the combination lock to enter or the Overriding key. Now that's a clear feature that has lots of possibilities.

The locks can be keyed a like if ordering multiple locks or keyed separate. You would have to let us know if you want multiple locks and want them keyed a like.

Server Rack Lock or Locker or whatever you think you can use it on this is a great locking system.

The lock will work on several make cabinets. You have to check them yourself. We cannot make any reprensentation as to what manufacturer cabinet enclosure, server rack enclosures or lockers they will fit. However there is a broad spectrum of cabinets they can fit. Check the opening in the your door and see the cut out sizes.

See the PDF File with cut out configuration and size.

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