Cat5e Direct Burial Cable
 Cat5e Direct Burial Cable

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Cat5e Outdoor Direct Burial Cable Flexible LLDPE Jacket 1000 FT. USD 139.00 New
  • Comes in 1000 +- Ft. reels.
  • Jacket Outdoor Burial Cable Non-Plenum
  • Weight: 26 lbs. approx.
  • High Speed 350 MHz is for Gigabit transmission.
  • Beyond standard Category 5 and Cat 5e.
  • About LLDPE Jacket

Cat5e Outdoor Direct Burial Cable 350MHz LLDPE Jacket 1000 Ft. Reel - PXID-439

Cat5e Outdoor Direct Burial Cable 350MHz LLDPE Jacket
24 AWg 4 pair Non-Plenum, No messy gel to clean up Non-Plenum Structured Cable. Has a more flexible outer jacket. The LLDPE Jacket makes this cable rugged for outdoor burial and yet the jacket itself is more flexible than other jacket styles.

IMPORTANT NOTE:The LLDPE jacket is a big plus to outdoor cable. If your going to bury it you don't want to be digging it up again so a few dollars more for the cable could be a great investment for you. So the lowest price on the net may not be the best deal after all.
1000 Ft

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Some think so...

Cable Jacket is the First Line of Defense
Much attention is given to the electrical performance of cables, but it is the outer jacket that is the first line of defense during the transport, installation, and lifetime performance of the cable. That is why choosing the correct outer jacket and physical construction is essential to protecting and extending the cable's lifetime performance. In direct burial applications with or without conduit, cables are more subject to nicks, cuts, and abrasions during installation and environmental factors such as water and temperature extremes that can rapidly degrade the performance of the cable and your installation system. These direct burial cables are tough and durable constructed to withstand the rigors of outdoor installations.

Moisture Resistance
In addition to using the correct cable jacket, the cable conductors need to be protected against moisture or water intrusion. All Structured direct burial cables include a water-blocking technology such as water blocking tape. These technologies prevent unwanted moisture from reaching the cable conductors where corrosion could begin.

Water Blocking Tape
Water Blocking Tape is a special moisture repelling material that is wrapped around the cable conductors. It provides excellent moisture protection, not at the same level as the gel filled but is still widely accepted as outdoor protection.

Advantages of LLDPE over PVC
  • LLDPE has resistance to a wider range of chemicals as compared to PVC.
  • LLDPE is immune from biological attack by microorganisms. Microorganisms could attack PVC and use the plasticizer as a source of food.
  • LLDPE is resistant to burrowing animals, PVC is not.
  • LLDPE has a lower permeability to methane than PVC.
  • LLDPE has a lower moisture vapor transmission rate than PVC.
  • LLDPE retains its physical properties due to long-term soil burial. PVC's physical properties diminish in time due to loss of plasticizer.
  • LLDPE is more resistant to ultra-violet light than PVC.
  • LLDPE remains flexible at temperatures well below freezing at -25C. PVC loses its flexibility and becomes brittle at -25C
  • High speed data applications
  • Water block tape layer.

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