66 Punch Down Block Leviton 50 Pair

66 Punch Down Block Leviton 50 Pair

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66 Punch Down Block Leviton 50 Pair for multi pair voice and data cross connect 40066-M50, 40066-M25, 40066-MW,40089-00D voice and data at Sellntell.com. 66 punch down block Leviton 50 pair or 25 pair. Ranging from 25 pair to 50 pair 66 punch down telephone block from Leviton even with an Amphenol connector. Adapter block and bracket. Install individually or in pairs using jumper wires or clips.

The 66 punch down block Leviton 50 pair 0r 25 pair blocks may be installed individually or in pairs to facilitate adds, moves, and changes in a cross-connect system. Then jumper wires are used to make connections between blocks. Stations can then be disconnected and reassigned without disturbing station wire simply by moving the jumpers.


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Bridging clips are sometimes used on split 50-pair blocks in place of jumpers. These industry-standard blocks are used in equipment rooms to connect voice and data network wiring to customer premises equipment. They are also used in remote and intermediate wiring closets throughout larger installations as common connecting points for nearby equipment. Constructed of high-impact, fire-retardant molded thermoplastic, Leviton connecting blocks utilize phosphor bronze quick-connect insulation displacement 66-clips for ease of installation, and proven mechanical and electrical reliability.


Are you a professional installer and need the pro head set?

66 Block Bridging Clip


Hinged Cover

Pro Head Set

Bridging clip

66 block Snap on cover 40050-MCV

66 block hinged cover 40050-MHG

40067-0BC 40050-MCV 40050-MHG  

66 Block Bridging Clips cross connect 66 blocks

 Snap on cover

Hinged Cover for M Blocks



25 Pair 66 Block

Securely mount the 89D standoff bracket to a wall or plywood using two screws. If you are using a 25-pair block, remember that all four of the silver clips are connected. When a wire is punched down on one of them, the remaining three are live and ready for cross-connecting. A split pair M block is different.

66 Block 25 Pair

66 block silver clip



Unlike the 50 Pair block below this 25 pair block is different. When you punch down on the left most silver colored clip in a single row it will automatically be connected to the 3 remaining silver clips in that row without using a bridging clip. With a 25 pair block like the 25 pair block each row of silver colored clips are already connected. Their are 50 rows down so that would allow you to terminate 25 pairs or 50 wires, one above the other.

Pairs should be brought in from the left side for cross connection. So if you punch down the left side then you have the connection on the 3 remaining silver clips next to it.  To terminate for example the blue pair. Bring the blue-white wire in and terminate it on one silver slot at the left. Then the white-blue wire terminate it on the next lower silver slot at the left. Now you have a terminated single pair coming in on the left side.



25 Pair 66 Block 25 Pair 66 Block    
PepX 66 Block

25 Pair 66 Block

SNT - 66 Block 

66 M Block 10" H x 3 5/16" W x 1 3/16" Deep.


50 Pair Split M-Block 66 Block

If you are using a 50-pair block, think of each row of four as split right down the middle. Two connections on the left and two on the right. You may terminate the cross connect on the far right side. To make a cross connect live, use a bridging clip on the middle two clips. This connects the two sides and gives the cross-connect itís signal. This type of connection provides convenient quick disconnects for turning off and on signals.
25 Pair 66 Block

40066-M50 50 Pair Block 10"H x 3 5/16" W x 1-3/16" Deep.    



50 Pair 66 Block with Amphenol connectors

This is a 50 Pair M Block with a Female Amphenol 25 Pair Connector prewired into the block. The Amphenol connector is prewired into the block.

50 Pair 66 Block with Prewired 25 Pair Female Amphenol Connector.




Mounting Bracket for all the 66 blocks.

66 M Block prewired with 25 Pair




40066-0MW        40089-00D Mouting Bracket

10"H x 3 5/16" W x
1-3/16" Deep.




M Block Stand Off


50 Pair 66 Block with Amphenol connectors

These 50 Pair M Blocks have Either a female or a male or both Amphenol connectors incorporated into them. M block.

66 Block with 25 Pair Female and 25 Pair Male Amphenol connectors.


66 Block Connectorized Demarc Block. Prewired.
25 Pair Female Amphenol with bracket and cover included

40066-MW2   40066-0MR

10"H x 3 5/16" W

 1 3/16" Deep.



10" H x 3 13/32" W x 2 3/4" Deep


ADAPTER Convert 66 Clips

 Adapters to allow various connection for an RJ plug onto a 66 Block from 2 to 8 position conversion. 

66 Block adapters telephone 66 Block adapters telephone
40072-0T2 40072-0T4 40072-0T6 40072-0TB

Convert 66 Clip contacts

6 Position
2 Contacts

4 Contacts to

6 Position
 4 Contact

6 Contacts to

6 Position
6 Contacts

8 Contacts to

8 Position
8 Contacts

Patch Panel
Lev Patch Panel 110 Block Pep-X 66 Block Patch Cords Tester Mini
Punch Tool

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