25 Pair Cable CMR Riser Rated and Outdoor and Telephone cable.

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25 Pair Cable all types Cat3, Cat5e, Indoor Outdoor or even Gel filled. Used for Telephone, phone and Data networks and for cabling equipment room to equipment room runs. Telco or Telephone cable this cable has each pair color coded. 25 pair cable can be indoor riser rated, Plenum rated or for outdoor burial or PVC Non-Plenum. It's not all the same so make sure of what you are in need of and what you are cabling.

So where do I use it?

Riser rated Cat3 to Cat5e 25 pair cable or bulk cable is used for wiring closet to closet or even floor to floor. You should know the building codes when running cable or any cable installation and if you need PLENUM or Non-Plenum. Bulk 1000 ft. reels are the most common install request. Multi Pair is much heavier and needs provisions to be made if you're running this in cable trays or the like. You don't need Gel filled cable for inside the building cable installation but do use Gel filled outdoors or outside.

Telephone voice and Data runs? Cat5e is higher bandwidth it can be used for Telephone voice hook up or for Data cable installs. Cat3 is 16MHz voice cable although it can be used for data too,(Plain old telephone). So why not?

So How Do I Terminate It?

There are 50 individual cables. When working with voice or telephone usually Amphenol male connector 25 pair it is terminated on a 66 punch down block in the equipment closet. 66 Block Telco punch down pairs imageEach pair is individually colored. You can also terminate the pairs to a patch panel of several different types. You can run to telephone patch panels, or to Amphenol style connectors telco panels. It has a 25 pair in the rear and RJ45 jacks in the front. Then all you do is plug into it.

Get heavy handling equipment.

25 Pair Telco PanelThis is heavy cable and comes on a large reel. You will need proper dollies or lifting equipment and several persons to move this cable. The Gel filled outdoor cable is even heavier then the Riser cable. Know how your going to terminate and get the right punch downs. Remember, you will need to find out if you must use PLENUM or NON-PLENUM cable. Plenum is more expensive and even heavier then NON-PLENUM. So, if your going to put this cable in a cable tray then put it to the bottom and lighter cable on top. Don't over-load trays.

Moving this cable around is really not a one person job. Get the proper help and knowledge before you attempt to run this multi pair cable. Oh yes, don't forget the punch down tools and cutters and maybe even a continuity tester to test your pin outs. Even though each pair is color coded you will still need to know if it is correct.

25 pair Cat5e Cable

Cat3 25 Pair Cable

25 Pair Plenum Cable

Happy Cabling..


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