Cat3 Cable all types 4 pair Cat3 UTP or Cat3 STP, 25 Pair, 50 Pair or 100 Pair cable. Plenum and Non-Plenum Shielded Telco Telephone Cable.

Cat3 4 Pair UPT Cable

Cat3 network cable telco from 4 Pair UTP to 100 pair cable can be used for voice or low speed data. There are 50 individual cables inside the jacket. It is primarily used for voice networks and runs from closet to closet or even from patch panel to patch panel. Also used with some data networks, usually older ones. 4 pair UTP or SHIELDED cable. Cat5e and above is used in data networks today.

Now, why you might ask? Well, one answer to that is that Cat3 cable is 16Mhz. and that is less performance then 350Mhz which is what Cat5e is rated at. That means that performance and speed on Cat3 is less then that of Cat5e. Also, you are kind of limited expansion wise with Cat3. Now, suppose you have a site that has 2 Cat3 cables run from closet to desk. On one you have a phone and on the other maybe an intercome system. Then you find that you need to run data to the desk and still have the phone. If you used Cat3 you would have been able to do it but wouldn't have the bandwidth for faster data. But if you had 350MHz cable you could have connected both phone and data without a problem.

Because the price today for both is very close then rather than Cat3 use the Cat5e. Then you have flexibility for expansion. So, in conclusion which would you rather run in your project? Interesting isn't it?

Cat3 4 Pair UPT Cable Cat3 4 Pair UTP cable Cat3 2-Pair Cable 4 Conductor UTP
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Cat3 4 Pair UPT Cable Cat3 4 Pair UTP cable Cat3 3-Pair 6 Conductor UTP Voice Telco Phone Cable 1000 FT.
 Cat3 4 Pair UPT Cable Get Price
Cat3 4 Pair UPT Cable Cat3 4 Pair UTP Cable Image Cat3 Cable 4 Pair 8 Conductor UTP Telephone Phone Data CMR
 Cat3 4 Pair UPT Cable Get Price

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