Cat6 Shielded cable 4 pair priced right ultimate noise immunity for high performance Gigabit Installations.

Cat6 Cable

Cat6 shielded cable now your rockin. The very fact that your looking at this shielded cable shows that you realize that noise and EMF can affect your cable project. Standard cable is fine but shielded is even better. WHY?
Because it not only does what regular Cat6 does it adds the protection of shielding that helps to eliminate noise or interference. EMF can be a real factor in cable throughput and this type of cable helps to fight and reduce or eliminate it. If your running cable near airports or other places of high signal traffic and electrical noise you definitely want to consider shielded cable. So, make the choice that started you looking here in the first place. Shielded is the ticket. Go for it.

PXC6-49-SH1000  Shielded
Cat6 Cable Cat 6 STP Shielded Cable Cat6 Cable Shielded 4 Pair CMR STP 1000 FT.
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PXC6-1560-SHP1000  Shielded
Cat6 Cable Cat6 Cable Shielded PVC 4 Pair Cat6 Cable Shielded PVC 4 Pair
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