Outdoor Aerial Cable with Messenger Wire

Outdoor Aerial Cable with Messenger Wire display image.

So what is Outdoor Aerial Cable with a Messenger Wire? Aerial cable is used for outdoor cable installations that are more then likely above ground and going up in the air. They can be PVC or have other type of protective outter jackets. They should be sunlight resistant because they are going to be outside. You probably have seen Aerial cable and never noticed the metal stiff Messenger Wire. This is used for strenthening and protection of sorts in the running of the cable. Hey it can get very windy out there and very cold, and when you have rain and cold you may wind up with ice. Now that is extra weight on a cable and can really test it's ability to stay there. That's why a strong Messenger wire can help make all the difference. It is run along side the main cable. Some installers even use this cable for running up to their antennas. But here we make no representation as to what you should use any cable for. What we can say is that you should do your homework before you buy or install a cable.


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