Cat6 outdoor Shielded Gel Filled burial cable for underground installations and direct burial of Cat6 cable Best Deals.

Cat6 Outdoor Shielded Gel Filled Cable

Outdoor Cat6 SHIELDED Direct Burial cable available with Aluminum Foil shield and even a drain wire. Depending on which one you order, you can get the LLDPE outter jacket which is far superior to plain PVC jackets. Although meant for direct burial in the ground this cable is prefered by installers that use is just outside and not burried.

The additional protection of the shielding and the gel is something that they prefer. It is not great when you cut open a jacket that has been out there for a while and find water dripping from inside. Gel is a significant preventative measure for this. If you want to know more about PVC vs LLDPE outdoor outer jackets you can find information here: More about PVC vs LLDPE Jackets...

It is your project so you decide which one is for you. But for the ultimate that we offer right now for outdoor Cat6 the below LLDPE jacket type with Gel filled, flooded F/UTP is a good project saver and not a project crasher.

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