Outdoor cable outdoor Aerial and weatherproof burial cable and underground solid copper get the knowledge and know how to do it, which is best to use?

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Outdoor Cable Know How, Burial Cable and Aerial Ethernet cable are all special designs.

BEWARE..BEWARE Buying Outdoor Cat5e or Cat6 Cable and maybe attracted by low prices? Check it out, are you getting CCA or CCS (Copper coated Aluminum or Copper Coated Steel)? HUH?
(Opinion) - This is a cheaper to manufacture cable that is NOT SOLID COPPER. Its Aluminum or Steel core cable with a light coat of copper over it. You can easily scrape it off or have damage from nicks and more. Poof to throughput! Digging and Burying is too expensive to do over again when your customer says its not working right. Is that what you really want for your Cat5e or Cat6 sites? Good luck!

They are made to be weather specific. Outdoor cable is constructed for outdoor and campus environment use including direct burial, unlike indoor cable. Our Structured Direct Burial cable is solid annealed copper and includes a water-blocking technology of either gel filled ("flooded") or water blocking tape. Both are for resisting moisture and the effects it has on installations. Outdoor Cat5e or Cat6 should not be substituted with indoor or horizontal run cable.

Cable Jacket is the First Line of Defense For sure electrical performance of cable is important and has it's place in the scheme of installations. However, it is the outer jacket that is the first line of defense during the transport, installation, and lifetime performance of the cable. That is why choosing the correct outer jacket and physical construction is essential to protecting and extending the cable's lifetime performance. Because you are using direct burial with or without conduit, cables are even more prone to damage. Things like cut and nicks and abrasive damage are even more apparent and possible. Performance of the cable can be further degraded from water infiltration and extreme temperature which will degrade your system. SCP direct burial cables are tough and durable to withstand the rigors of outdoor installation.

 Which one should I use, Gel filled or Tape Wrapped Cable?

Cat 5e or Cat6 Outdoor Direct Burial cable GEL FILLED cable.
Gel filled offers maximum protection. This is the preferred cable for outdoor burial or campus environments. Gel filled cable offers the maximum protection from water and moisture infiltration. The Gel itself provides a protective coating around the cable in the jacket. It also prevents water and moisture from creeping up the cable, but you do have to clean off the Gel when you terminate. That is probably the biggest objection from installers. Although no mess no gel is ok, Gel is the best way to go for a high degree of protection..

No Mess - No GEL the choice is yours. No gel cable can provide the versatility you need for weather specific applications with it's tape wrapped design. You should only use outdoor cable when running cable out side. For another option also see the indoor outdoor cable.

Dig cable trenchIf you can use the gel filled,then go for it.If you are burying it then even consider running in a conduit for further moisture protection. Moisture can creep in anywhere, it is your enemy here and you don't want to do your project again because of cable troubles due to water.

Riser cable is for indoors. Don't use the wrong cable.

So how do you connect all this stuff?

You will need several things for hooking up outdoor cable. One of which you have to transition from inside to outside. You may also need special lighting protection. One more thing, if your just going to run one cable like 4 pair then take a look at the Indoor Outdoor cable. This can prevent extra expense and some headaches.
Outdoor Aerial Cable with messenger image

Aerial cable is another challenge. It comes with a Messenger wire attached. That is a wire used for support it is a cable that is not used for electrical connection but only for the support. You do not use this in the ground but up in the air or above ground. Cable should be UV protected for outside use.

Outdoor RG6 Cable Reel

You can also run RG59 or RG6.
These are used for video and security and even data. They are usually a solid core cable. It can be CSS or BC design. CSS is copper coated steel and BC is bare copper. Usually 95%. Shielded or Quad shielded braids are wrapped around the solid core cable.

All the above are opinions of one person. You can get others, so check with an installer!

Good Luck and Good Cabling...

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