Outdoor Cable - Outdoor Burial cable - Aerial Cable gel filled or tape wrapped are they the same?

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Outdoor Cable Outdoor Burial Cable and Aerial Cable are all special designs.

They are made to be weather specific. Outdoor cable is constructed for outdoor and campus environments including undergroun direct burial and is unlike indoor cable. Our Structured Direct Burial cable is solid annealed copper and includes a water-blocking technology of either gel filled ("flooded") or water blocking tape. Both are for resisting moisture and the effects it has on installations. Outdoor Cat5e or Cat6 should not be substituted with indoor or horizontal run cable.

However, it is the outer jacket that is the first line of defense during the transport, installation, and lifetime performance of the cable. That is why choosing the correct outer jacket and physical construction is essential to protecting and extending the cable's lifetime performance. Gel filled is the first choice of  pros.

 Which one should I use, Gel filled or Tape Wrapped Cable?

Cat 5e or Cat6 Outdoor Direct Burial cable GEL FILLED cable.
Gel filled offers maximum protection. This is the preferred cable for outdoor burial or campus environments. Gel filled cable offers the maximum protection from water and moisture infiltration. The Gel itself provides a protective coating around the cable in the jacket. It also prevents water and moisture from creeping up the cable, but you do have to clean off the Gel when you terminate. That is probably the biggest objection from installers. Although no mess no gel is ok, Gel offers the highest degree of moisture protection, so consider you options.

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