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Wholesale computer networking cable supply at discount prices wholesale and retail.

Home Networks from Sellntell

Sellntell Cable Products Since 1991. Pepermint Highway Cabling System(TM).

Cable and Server racks and connector hardware. We supply the best cable and server racks and cabinets in the business. We have supplied major roll outs and individuals with the highest quality at the best prices for over 24 Years.

Cabinets and Racks are custom made for us for our customers. Our cable is also custom supplied and most of it is ROC compliant. We can also upon request, if approved by us, can do OEM customer labeling on many of our items.

Our SNTPepX line of Cat5e and Cat6 jacks and connectors go un-surpased. The great pricing gives you the edge you need. Warehouses can ship from several locations in US.

Your UPS or FEDX Account: If you have your own UPS or FEDEX account number in most cases when it ships from one of our warehouses we can use your number. You must email us with authorization to use it.
  • Visa - Mastercard - American Express. If we cannot verify your credit card or authorize the amount required we will attempt to contact you. If we cannot reach you then your order will be placed on hold or cancelled. Checks from within the USA but the items held until the check cleared. Wire Transfer is ok and may be required for some larger orders or outside the continental USA. Email us first with your request.
  • Corporate Accounts for volume users credit terms based on qualifications. Email us with your request or go or click on TalktoUs. You must be registered on the site. Also see resellers.
  • Shipment: Items usually ship the same day or shortly thereafter either UPS Ground or Fedex Ground or USPS Ground.
  • Government Entity Purchasers: Email or call us. You may qualify for further discounts.
  • Cable and cabinets will ship ground by default. Cabinets and larger heavy cable orders may go by trucker
  • Ship directly to your customer. An invoice will NOT be put inside the package only a packing slip. A phone number must be present on your shipping destination.
  • Canada Shipment: Cable orders can be shipped to Canada by United States POSTAL SERVICE based on the type of cable being ordered (some items do not). You must have a US Postal Zip code. See below... If you are ordering cable to ship to CANADA and have your own shipping account with UPS or FEDX and want to use it instead then let us know ahead of time and we can arrange to use that for you. It will then ship UPS Ground or FEDX Ground.
  • Although most areas can be shipped to, they must be reachable by primarily UPS, FEDX or USPS other major shipping services. Your country must also be on the USA approved list for shipment. Orders outside of the USA have a $150.00 (US dollars) Minimum order depending on the items.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice however, if at the time of your order being active and not shipped yet, and price is higher then listed on the site, you will be notified first and allowed to cancel or proceed before we ship it out. There is a $25.00 minimum order on PepX items (not counting shipping).
    1. Turn off Email Blockers & Pop up Blockers.
    2. Turn on Cookies.
    3. You have read the terms of site.
  • If the price has increased upward you will be notified and allowed to cancel the order or continue with it with the modified pricing. 

    Leviton orders minimum is $140.00. Any approved Leviton returns back to stock get charged 27% return charge to you the customer, unless returned for exchange for a like or higher priced item. Customer must notify us by email for a return authorization number from us within 5 days of receipt of the item. Any non authorized return to us will be considered abandoned. There is no refund on shipping in either direction for any reason.
  • This site may post items from time to time that may be sold out or have had price changes or some times discontinued. This may happen due to manufacturer factory price changes or delays in notification and delays in the changing of the prices on the web pages. If the price has increased from the price posted on the site and you have ordered the item, then it will not be shipped until you give your acceptance of the new price change either by phone or by email. We reserve the right to refuse service or shipment or not accept an order at our sole discretion. Now, of course we cannot gurantee time of shipment and arrival. So plan you order ahead so you can allow for UPS or FEDX or Trucker shipment times.
  • If you have any questions or concerns then email us or if you like call, and we well try to help you out. Call center located in Manahawkin, NJ.


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