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Leviton Products from Leviton Manufacturing.

Leviton Products from 66 Block to 110 Blocks, Fiber optic connections and cross over panels and cross connections from Leviton. Leviton has a broad selection of network products. Leviton has an extensive line of Fiber optic products from patch cords to Fiber tools. As a Leviton authorized distributor you can get all your Leviton products right here. If you don't see it then email us to find out more about Leviton Products.

 66 Block M-Block 25 Pair Punch Down for voice 40066-M25 telco - Leviton PXID-281 M-Block 25 66 Block Pair
Contains 50 rows, each with a single clip having four slots as pictured below. Incoming cable pairs are connected by terminating the tip conductor on the leftmost slot of one row, and the ring conductor on the leftmost slot of the next lower row. The three remaining slots in each clip are available for cross connects.
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 50 Pair 66 Demarc block w/Prewired 25 Pair Female connector - Leviton PXID-290 M BLOCK: 50- Pair
Designed for use at the demarcation point, this 50-pair M Block includes mounting bracket and snap-on orange cover with designation strip. Prewired, pretested 25-pair female connector mounted on right side speeds connection of customer premise equipment to the network interface.
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 50 Pair Prewired 66 w/25 Pair Fem and 25 Pair Male - Leviton PXID-284 50 PAIR PREWIRED
Pretested pre-wired 25 pair female connector on left and male connector on right for fastest installation. Simply plug in connectors and insert bridging clips to complete the connections.
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 50 pair - 66 M Block  with 25  Pair Prewired Amphenol style connector - Leviton PXID-283 50 PAIR M-BLOCK WITH 25 PAIR FEMALE CONNECTOR
Pewired, pretested 25-pair female connector on left side fanning strip to speed connection of incoming pairs.
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 66 Punch Block Bridging Clips Bag of 50 use cross connection clip- Leviton PXID-285 BRIDGING CLIPS
Clips press onto the two center slots in any row of a Split M block. If Outside cable pairs are terminated on the left hand clips, then connections may be made or eliminated easily just by inserting or removing the bridging clip. Also, can be used on other products that use 66-clips. Made of tin-plated phosphor bronze alloy, these clips can be easily removed and reused for rewiring.
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 50 Pair Leviton Split M-Block  Punch Down Block - Leviton PXID-282 Split M BLOCK 50 Pair
The split M Block like the 25 pair M Block, contains 50 rows of clips, but instead of one 4 slot clip, each row contains two separate 2-slot clips. By terminating 25 incoming pairs on the slots of the left hand clips and an additional 25 pairs on the slots of the right hand clips, 50 cross-connects can be made. Alternatively, bridging clips may be used to connect the two adjacent sets of clips together.
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 4 Position Modular Adapter to 6 position for 66 Blocks PXID-287 Four Position Modular Adapter for 66 Blocks.
Converts 4 contacts into a 6 position, 4 conductor modular jack.
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 Bracket M Block Stand Off used on M Block 66 block mounting  - Leviton PXID-776 M Block Stand off Bracket
For Leviton M blocks. DISCONTINUED - See 40089-00D instead.
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 Mounting Bracket 89D for patch panels 12 port and other panels -  Leviton PXID-613
Mounting Bracket 89D type.
Use with 12 port field configurable patch panels and other 89D style panels.
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 Hinged cover for 66  M Blocks used on 66 Blocks to protect wires - Leviton PXID-777 Hinged Cover for M 66 Blocks
For Leviton M blocks.
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 Snap on cover for 66 M Blocks to close it up for cross connect  - Leviton PXID-818 Snap On Cover for M 66 Blocks
For Leviton M blocks.
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 66 Block Adapter Cross Connect Modular plug for 66 blocks
To convert to a 6 Position 2 Contact plug. This is great for adapting for purpose of tesing or cross connection.
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 40072-T6  6 Position modular adapter Modular plug for 66 blocks
To convert to a 6 Position 6 Contact plug. This will give you a 6 position RJ plug that you can plug into or use for an test. Clips onto the 66 block pins.
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 40072-T8 Adapter Modular plug for 66 blocks
To convert to a 8 position plug from a 66 block. Just push onto the 66 block and will give you an 8 Position 8 Contact 568B plug that you can plug into.
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