Shielded Patch Panel Leviton

Shielded patch panel Leviton shielded connectors. Pop in the RJ45 connectors into the shielded patch panel. Shielded connectors just pop in. Cat5e or Cat6 Shielded patch panel shielded connectors. Patch panel is pop in style. The shielded patch panel takes the shielded connectors. Shielded patch panel has cable management bar and grounding wire included. Takes shielded connectors which insert into the shielded patch panel. Shielded patch panel networks have never been this easy to create. Available in Cat5e and Cat6 just by using the proper shielded connectors ready to go.

4S255-S24  Shielded
Shielded Patch Panel Leviton 4S255-S24 Shielded Patch Panel Leviton 24 Port Patch Panel Shielded Empty Cat5e-Cat6 568A/B 4S255-S24 Leviton PXID-1041
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