Patch cable patch cords RJ45 patch crossover cable.

Patch cable or patch cords are used for cross connection from hubs or routers to patch panels.

Cross over cable using Ethernet RJ45 to RJ45 patch cables are made up of stranded Cat3, 5, 5e or Cat6 and higher network installations.

For example:
When you are using a patch panel to connect all your voice or data cable from the station outlet to one central location you hook it to a patch panel usually in the rear rear with patch cords. The patch cords are connected by plugging them into the front of the patch panel. What about the Hub or Routers? Once you have run you solid horizontal cable runs from your computer work stations to a patch panel then you will need to connect them together with patch cables.

110 patch cables are different from the RJ45 style. They are used with 110 blocks where the ends are completely different. Shielded ones are used in networks that have shielded connectivity from end to end. So why use a patch cable or patch cord at all, why not go direct with the horizontal cable to a hub or router?

Someone once said one persistent constant is that if something can go wrong it probably will. One of those things is if you run directly to the hub with solid core horizontal cable then you can rest assure that you will not be able to keep it from moving. That ever so slight movement can cause the solid cable that is terminated inside an RJ45 male plug to crack. That crack can drive you up a wall to find out what is wrong when one of the hub ports goes dead.

WALA! Stranded is the answer! Use a patch cable that is stranded cable and terminated in male plugs but the difference is because of the stranding is it's more difficult for the cable to crack or break inside the connector without you knowing it. Do you think that's easy to track down?

Intermittent problems can drive you crazy. You will be blaming the hub, the cable, the panel, probably everything and everyone, except the connection inside the RJ45 female plug.

The ability now to move or change the connection becomes easy and the capability to track a problem also becomes easier. Just unplug and re-plug.

Initialy shown below are Cat5e Patch Cords.
For Cat6 and others click on index at the left.

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