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RJ45 male plugs, Cat 5e plug, phone plugs

RJ45 male plugs Cat 5 rated plug, and phone plugs RJ45 plug for crimping onto the end of patch cords Cat5e, Cat6 and Shielded Plugs. These are the ones. Just take the crimp tool and crimp on to the end of the cable. At Sellntell.com RJ 45 to RJ45 male plugs Cat5, 5e or Cat6 male plug rated. Phone plug is used to crimp onto either solid of stranded 4 pair UTP cable. RJ45 male plugs need a the correct tool to install. Available for either stranded 4 Pair UTP cable and for solid 4 Pair UTP cable. Category 5 rated male plugs to make up your own patch cables or to put on the end of a UTP cable so you can plug into an RJ45 female jack.

 EZ RJ 45 Male Plug for Cat5e EZ-RJ45 Male Plug
Simplifies the connection by allowing the wires to pass right through the plug and then Just crimp on using tool. For Cat 3, Cat5, Cat5e cable.
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 EZ 45 Male Plug for RJ45 connection EZ-RJ45 Male Plug Cat6
Just crimp on using tool.
Tool-EZRJ-45 sold separately.
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EZ-RJ45S-100  Shielded
 EZ RJ45 Shielded Male Plugs crimp on  Cat5e Bag of 50 - Pepermint-X PXID-1170 EZ-RJ45 Shielded Male Plug Cat5e
Just crimp on using tool.
Tool-EZRJ-45 sold separately.
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 RJ45 Male Plug for Solid Cable 8 wire patch cable terminations 100 Pk PepX PXID-467 Male Plugs
RJ45 50 µ Gold Plated contacts. Crimp onto the end of 8 wire cable. Cat3 or Cat5 or Cat5e. In bags of 100.
Click here for 802 Tool
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P-105100AS  Shielded
 Bags of 100 Male Plugs Shielded
For systems wanting shielded protection.
RJ45 Gold Plated contacts. Crimp on to the end of 4 pair utp or 8 wire cable. In bags of 100.
For 802 Tool
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 RJ45 Male Plug Cat6 RJ45 MALE PLUG CAT6
For Cat6 Cable. For round or stranded cable, gold plated, UL & CSA listed.For making your own patch cables or putting a RJ45 plug on the end of a cable run.

These plugs are the highest quality and are placed on the end of the Cat6 cable.Crimp them on using the proper tool and your ready to go.(For Cat5e see Cat5e plug). Quality can make or break your system when you are using a male plug. Although you may find what you think is great the question is are they great? Get quality plugs.
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 Modular Voice Plugs 4 Contact  6 Pos Phone Male Plugs
4 contacts - 6 Position for Phone voice round cable. These plugs need a crimping tool to make the connection. If you are putting your own ends on then these are the plugs.
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 Modular Voice Plugs 4 Cont  6 Pos for flat cord 100 Pack - PepX PXID-858 Male Plugs - 4 contacts - 6 Position for flat line cord Telco Phone voice. In bags of 100.
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 Crimp tool for Cat5e and Phone moduler plug termination - Pep-X PXID-702 Module Crimp tool
For those RJ Male plugs that you have been trying to stick on the end of your phone or Category 5 or 5e cables. Of course you must have the male plugs. This is the tool to crimp those plugs onto the cable. Crimps 4 or 6 or 8 and 8c Module plugs. Cuts - strips and crimps. For RJ male plug. An installers essential.
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TOOL-EZ-RJ45-PRO  Shielded
 Tool for EZRJ-45  Pro Male Plugs for Cat5 - Cat6|+ Shielded - PepX PXID-374 TOOL EZRJ-45 PRO This tool is used for Crimping EZ-RJ45 connectors for Cat5e, Cat6 and EZ-45 Shielded connectors. Compatible with all RJ45, RJ12, Rj11 modular plug connecdtors. Also has built in wire cutter and stripper.
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