Phone test head set telephone adapters

Phone test head set telephone adapters

25 Pair Connector
Jacks PepX Connector
Beanie Connector
Voice Phone
25 Pair
Panel Amphenol 25 Pair
  Phone test head se and adapters Leviton
Phone test head set telephone adapters plugs and bunt set phone test probes and modular adapters for 66 blocks from Leviton play video from Phone test hand set phone adapter and head set  modular 66 block adapters phone tester adapters. Adapters go on 66 blocks and 110 blocks you can't do without. These telephone adapters and telephone test head set allows you to cross connect the 66 block panels and do testing that needs to be done for performance.


Play Adapter 66 block telephone adapter Video


Modular Phone plug adapters for 66 block terminations. Clip these onto the 66 block clips and convert it the the style plug listed.

For example:
If you want to plug in a 2 contact patch plug into the 66 block then use the 6P2C conversion. Makes it easy to plug into and out of a 66 block using a patch plug.
Type Number  
Converts 2 66-clip contacts into a 6P2C modular jack. 40072-0T2
Converts 4 contacts into 6P4C modular jack. 40072-0T4
Converts 6 contact into 6P6C modular jacks. 40072-0T6
Converts 8 contacts T568B into 8P8C jack 40072-0T8
110 Tap - Special Item while they last..

110 Cat5e Punch down Block Test tap. Push onto 110 block with top symbol facing upward  then align with the appropriate 1, 2, 3 or 4 pairs of IDC contacts of the 110-type connecting block.

RS232 Mini Tester
RS232 Mini Tester. RS32136-1
Test which wire is going where. Lights on top of tester with label indicates what is connected. Hook between you cable connection to take the reading.

Leviton 49575-CTS Phone Handset for crafts person
Leviton phone tester 49575-CTS Craftperson's Phone handset 49575-CTS (Discontinued)

SNT PX-902-TEL Phone Handset for crafts person
Telco Phone Line Tester BUT Set Craft person's Phone handset PX-902-TEL

Leviton 40070-MDP phone modular plug tester breakout adapter
Modular Plug breakout adapter 40070-MDP. Plug this test the connections.
Leviton 49561-SSP phone inductive speaker probe

Inductive Speaker Probe. (includes 9 Volt battery)
Leviton 49560-TTS  phone tone set

Line tone set includes 9 Volt Battery.





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