Punch down block 110 cross connects

Punch down block 110 cross connects

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  punch down block 110 cross connects

Punch Down Block 110 cross connect

Punch Down Block 110 cross connect Cat5 cat5e or Cat6 plus rated for Data or Voice C-4 C-3 C-5 cross connects from Leviton you can connect phone punch downs and cross connects using 100 and 300 pair punch down block.

110 blocks can be used in place of patch panels or for voice connections - versatile..
LEVITON complete punch down block 110 cross connect system.

These products support Cat 6, Cat5, Cat5e, Voice or Cat 3 or lower levels for punching down inside those equipment rooms and being able to cross connect to whatever your system requires. If you want to punch down Data or Voice then this may be your answer. Category 5e rated 100 Pair or 300 Pair punch down blocks and Cat6+ 100 Pair or 300 Pair block..

100 Pair 110 Punch block use for Voice and data Cat 5e Rated...
Use for Voice or Data


Use Cat5e combs and Patch cords for the Cat5e block.


Item Description 100 Pair  
Replaces 41AB2-1FT
Wall mounted kit with legs, holders, white labels strips and 24-C'4s for 96 Pairs. 
41AB2-1F5 Cat5e
Wall mounted kit with legs, holders, white labels strips and 20-C'5s for 100 Pairs. 

300 Pair 110 Block  Use for Voice and data
Cat 5e Rated
Cat5e - uses Cat5e 110 style patch cords. (Do not use Cat6 cords with Cat5e panel)
Replaces 41AB2-3FT
Cat5e wall mounted kit with legs, holders, white label strips and 72-C4 clips. 288  Pairs.
Cat5e wall mounted kit with legs, holders, white label strips and 60 C5 clips. 300 Pairs.
Category 6+ extreme Leviton 110 Punch Down Blocks
Cat6+ Similar to the Cat5e but uses different combs and patch cables.
41AB6-1F4 96-Pair Cat 6+ Extreme 110 Punch Down Block 24 C-4 Clips
Cat6+ Similar to the Cat5e but uses different combs and patch cables.
Category 6+
288 Pair Cat6+ Extreme  110 Punch Down Block. Includes legs, label strips and 72 - C4's. Cat6+ Cross connecting for 288 Pairs.
Category 6+
Leviton Cat6 extreme clip for Leviton cat6+ 110 blockCategory 6+ extreme Leviton 110 punch block CLIPS for Leviotn 110 Cat6+ extreme 110 punch down blocks.
Category 6+ extreme Rack Mounted 110 Punch Down Blocks
Rack Mounted 110 Punch Block panel. NOTE: This is NOT an RJ45 pre-wired panel.
Rackmount Cat6+ extreme 110 Punch down block.
Similar to the block type but is rack mounted instead. 110's are placed on the back of the rack mount panel. (This is not a standard patch panel).
Cat6+ extreme. Includes C4 Clips. Uses Leviton 110 Cat6 punch block patch cords.
Rack Mount 110 punch down panel
41DR6-1F4 Cat6+  96 - Pair Rack Mounted  
41DR6-2F4 Cat6+ 192 - Pair Rack Mounted  
41DR6-3F4 Cat6+ 288 - Pair Rack Mounted  
Rear punch down combs.   Clip Dimensions

cross connect combs Leviton

Leviton Cat6 extreme clip for Leviton cat6+ 110 block

Cat 5e CLIPS or combs see below. Cat6e+ CLIPS or combs click picture.

These high quality Leviton connector blocks seat the wires on 110 wiring bases providing a gas-tight IDC Connection that maintains signal integrity for high performance applications. These blocks withstand 200 terminations and are made of fire-retardant plastic rated UL 94V-0 with solder-plated insulation displacement connectors.

Available in 3 pair count sizes.
C-3, C-4, and C-5.
Come in packs of 10. These snap onto the Leviton Cat5e 110 blocks allowing cross connections.
Item Description  
C-3 10 PACK 3-pair Cat5e 49103-IDC

10 pack.
C-4 10 PACK 4-pair Cat5e 49104-IDC

10 pack.
C-4 50 PACK 4-pair Cat5e 49104-I50

50 pack .
C-5 10 PACK 5-pair Cat5e 49105-IDC

10 pack.
110 Product Label strips lined for 2,3,4 or 5 pair spacing (Bag of 6).
110 Product Label Holders clear plastic cover strips.
  Punch down tools

 Telco tester telephone BUTT set  66 block 110 Patch cable 110 Cord Cable End


You can punch the following number of Cat 5 or Cat 6 4-pair cables onto a 110 block as described below...

* 100 Pair block will take up to 25  4-pair cables.
300 pair will take up to 75  4-pair cables.

* Cat6 is 96, 192 or 288 pairs.

Mount them on the communications wall and run your 4 pair cables to it. Small foot print. Then clip a C4 or C5 connector over the top of the cable to lock them in. Then just cross connect over the top of the C4 to your hub, or voice system or to another 110 block panel. It's versatile. 


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