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server racksserver rack wall mountServer Racks,  Server Rack Cabinet, Server Rack Enclosures, Rackmount Server  equipment cabinet the best designs and sizes available and affordable.

Server rack enclosures with 19" rails or 23" wide mounting rails . Small server rack cabinets to large rack mount server where everything is in4 post rack frame rack plain view. Large computer server racks to mini wall mount with that will take a shelf.  If you need to rack mount your equipment then we have the rackmount for you. A lot of thinking went in to these server racks. Server Rack solutions that are cost effective the way you want it to be.

Server rack or rack mount racks come in may sizes and configurations. You can have a standard sized server cabinet that can range in size from 9U all the way up to 57U. Broadcast racks and Nema 12 racks. A frame rack is a rack that has 4 posts like a 4 post rack. Some of the frames can be closed in by adding sides and top and doors etc.

Server rack nema 12If you are looking to conserve space and want to rack mount your server equipment but don't have to lock it up or put it in a cabinet, then consider a free standing distribution rack or a Swing out rack. The Swing out rack can go as close as 7" from a wall.  Then you can swing it open and work on your network equipment or install or remove equipment in a convenient manner.


Frame only - Server racks cabinet designs that have removable doors or can be left as just a frame and then closed in later. The designs are tailored to fit in most spaces. Used in equipment rooms, out in open areas or even sit on top of a desk.

Some things you should know before hand - Before you choose a server rack or enclosure cabinet access your requirements. Make a list. Remember that Racks sizes are sometimes referred to in units or U's or RU's (Rack units). Each unit is approx 1.75" high. So if you want to rack mount a certain amount of equipment then you need to know the height they will take when placed in the rails.


Size and room size - Some server rack dimensions just won't make Swing out distribution rackit in your room when you want to service it. Room around the exterior of the cabinet counts when you need to know how to get into it. Wrong placement and you will never be able to comfortably work on it. If you don't have room for accessing a server enclosure cabinet then consider an open distribution rack or a Swing out rack.

For instance, is the temperature inside the cabinet going to be higher then normal. You made need to have a fan filtered server cabinet with rackmount temperature monitoring.

Rail Width - you should also know the size of the rail width for your equipment. You can have 19" wide rails or 23" wide rails. Your equipment will tell you what you need. The most common one is 19" wide.


What's is Rack Mount and Non Rackmount?

Rack Mount equipment - This is the type of equipment like server hubs or servers themselves that can mount directly on the rising rails inside the cabinet by using the screw mounting holes in the equipment and rails. (Usually 19" wide and remember the RU's (Rack units) mentioned?) Other equipment like a computer that is not rack mounted usually sit on a shelf inside the cabinet or on the floor of the server cabinet itself. They are then not rackmount.

Doors and sides - You can get a perforated door and place a top mount fan inside. Or have none at all.
The sides lift and latch open. The doors have locks and the cabinets can also come with combo locks or keyed doors or a combo of both.


Wall mount server cabinets are also very popular. You can get very slim wall mount cabinets as thin as approx. 6 Inches. Or very deep one ones. Glass doors or solid door design. They also have mounting rails in most of them.


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