Video Security Intercom Monitoring System

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Video Security Intercom Monitoring System easy installation.

Leviton Network quickport products Sellntell NetworksVideo security intercom monitoring system with main central hub and color indoor and outdoor video camera up to 4 units Leviton from Video Security intercom monitoring system - Monitoring and Intercom System easy to install, high resolution color video camera require only one Cat5e cable for video and power connections, both of which are supplied by a Camera Hub in the SMC. The camera hub installs in a single Leviton bracket space in the SMC and the cameras mount with only two screws on a low voltage rind (indoor camera) or outdoor electrical box (Outdoor Camera). Standard 110 IDC termination and 8P8C jacks make the UTP cable connections quick, simple and reliable.

Video Camera System


Professional quality Indoor and Outdoor Cameras offering quick mounting and easy installation with a single Cat 5e cable for both video and power

The Leviton Indoor/Outdoor Color Monitoring Camera System provides high-quality color video output that will run through a Leviton Structured Media Center (SMC) and connect to a video monitor anywhere in the home offering the entire family a degree of security and safety not attainable with non video sensors. Look in on the baby in the crib, the toddlers in the playroom, the children in the backyard, and know who is ringing the doorbell after dark—all on any TV in the home.

Outdoor Color Camera  
Indoor Camera Lens Cover for Indoor Camera
Indoor Color Camera   Indoor Camera comes with clear and tinted lens covers. The lens cover fits inside a standard Decora styled wall plate.

With the IP/Quad module from Leviton, all of this capability also is possible from any remote location using a PC and Internet browser. System installation is simplified with innovative indoor and outdoor analog composite video cameras that rely on one unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable (Cat 5, 5e or 6) for both video and power connections. Cablesconnect to a compact Camera Hub that occupies a single bracket in the Leviton Structured Media Center (SMC). Camera mounting is also simplified, requiring just two screws on a low voltage ring (Indoor Camera) or outdoor electrical box (Outdoor Camera). Standard 110 IDC terminations and 8P8C jacks make the job of connecting UTP cabling simple, quick and reliable.



Camera Hub
Provides video out & power
for 4 cameras



Video baluns are included in both the Indoor and Outdoor cameras and the Camera Hub to ensure clear video over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. The cameras also include 15 VDC input terminals for a separate power cable in situations where the cable run exceeds the 328 feet (100 meters) limit. This feature enables local powering for applications like entrance gate cameras that are at a long distance from the home.

Controller Board Kit.



Leviton’s Residential Intercom System brings the home intercom into the 21st century. Featuring a modular design, it quickly and easily installs into the category 5-based modular structured wiring systems that have become a standard feature of today’s high-tech homes.

The Main Controller Board Kit is the starting point of the many contractor-friendly operational components that combine to provide a flexible feature set that can be quickly adapted to a home owner’s specific needs. All accessories are added to this basic system.


The Main Controller Board Kit contains a Main Controller Board on a bracket, an Interface Board, a 24V Power Supply, an Outdoor Station and three 1-ft Patch Cords. When combined with a Leviton Structured Media System, the kit’s components work together to provide an expandable residential intercom system for any home.


Black and white Camera

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