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Wholesale Accessories Reseller Distributor Application
Wholesale Accessories Home Decor Decorations Holiday gifts that enhance your life and your surroundings with beautiful home decor items and gifts. Christmas tree tops and Christmas decorations including traditional holiday gifts. Check out the Western collection for some Wild west delights. Even outdoor garden fountains and waterfall statue displays and a great collection of candles and candle holders and Wall Plaques. Furniture and statues.

Maybe a wedding gift for him or for her or even for a bridal party?

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Become a reseller distributor

Wholesale Accessories Reseller Application

At Sellntell.com our concerns to bring better service and pricing to our customers is always key to us. If your a reseller distributor of thinking of becoming one let us know.

You will find currently on our site an existing rewards program through our DisCount Plus pricing structure. The more quantity you order the lower your pricing will be. Just with this method alone you can buy items and offer them to your customers and be able to build in a larger profit base for your business.

Reseller Program - There are several levels of reselling or buying from us at discount or wholesale and selling to your own customers.

  • First there is the Catalog gift shop.

    This will allow you to sell to your customers and use our catalog with several other mail order or  promotion catalogs. You can sell in almost any mode you can think of, catalog, flea markets, sub wholesaler, selling parties or pass out your catalogs. There are so many different ways.

    With your catalog you will receive you wholesale pricing sheet that will tell you your cost. The catalog prices are in the catalog. You can use them or discount them too is you wish. Your wholesale price list will make this easy for you.

  • Purchase from us on the site at member wholesale pricing or send in or fax in your order. We can drop ship to you.

There you have it. The whole idea is pretty simple and maybe just what you have been seeking, to start your own thing. However in order for you to get on our list for consideration we must know who is asking and what you can do.

So feel free to go a head and fill out and submit the below form.

Thanks once again.    


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Filling out the form does not represent an offer to sell nor an acceptance by us for any products or services nor any binding agreement between us. This is your request only.


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